i can't believe it's almost been a month since someone posted here last lol. i was hoping we'd have at least 5 members by now, but i guess not a lot of people find interest in us i guess. oh well. i also can't believe that summer is almost over...but that just means football games, school, looking forward to the weekends...all that. then looking forward til next summer and all that awaits lol its crazy that you guys go back to school tomorrow. i go back next tuesday. well i just figured i'd write something in here =P hope tomorrow's a good day for y'all if u read this before tomorrow lol.


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::All About You::

Name- Michael William Welch
Nickname- Juice
Age- 15
Height- i dunno
Hair Color- brown with lots of blonde in it lmao
Eye Color- a light blueish color soon to be a bright blue? or green?
Piercings- none
Tattoos- none

::Favorite Stuff::
Stufffed Animal- I dont have one
Game- well what kind of game?
Book- Harry Potter Series
Color(s)- Orange
Outfit- anything from abercrombie
Movie(s)- Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation
Food(s)- Pork Tenderlion
Comic Book(s)- dont have one
TV Show(s)- Will & Grace and Degrassi
Magazine- dont have one
Mythological Creature(s)- dotn have one
Music- ska, punk, N emo
Band(s)- Reel Big Fish, Blink 182 and Dashboard Confessional
Song(s)- Valerie, I Miss You, Carry This Picutre
Website(s)- www.sfgamworld.com , www.livejournal.com , www.blurty.com

::Ok Heres The Fun Part::
Single or Taken- single
Straight, Bi, or Gay/Lesbian- gay
Taller or Shorter and Why- dosnt matter.... N i dunno i just dont care
Older or Younger and Why- dosnt matter..... N once more i dunno i just dont care
Top or Bottom and Why- lmao this question is very dromey :-P

::Are You (scale 1 to 10)::
Funny- 7
Lazy- 10
Geeky- 5
Goth- 1
Emo- 4
Raver- 1
Bitchy- 5
Clumsy- 8
Smart- 6
Pretty- 1
Friendly- 1
Talented- 1
Strong- 5

::Now Heres the Last Part...If you could Change anything::
In Your Life- Nothing
In the World- lots of things
What would you have told someone- huh?
Is there something else you'd like to say- yes.... this survey thing was lame N so is how you post in this damn thing... lmao
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tonight rocked =)

well today/tonight was greatttt =) me and jeff talked a lot and i really think he's helping with me getting over a certain someone else. well first off, we went to the guys all star game today...we as in, me beth jeff and chris b. and we all had a good time like talking and talking to john and clay and it was just great lol i had a fun time, we laughed a lot and yeahh haha. brought some old...funny as hell memories back lol. then we all went to johns...well plus kati and nicole. and so we watch armegeddon...i so don't know how to spell that lol but anyways, and me and jeff sat next to each other the whole time and we were touching a lot lol like our legs and our arms...ah it was great and half the time we both had our hands on our legs like next to each other. and i so wanted to hold his hand but yeah, didn't happen. and kati and beth kept wanting me to and yeahhhh eventually jeff caught on and one time when i leaned forward to watch the movie lol and fast forward to the good parts, kati said something to jeff i guess about why he wasn't holding my hand and stuff and all i caught was 'well it's not the right time right now, and it's kinda weird' and i guess he meant cuz beth was there...but it's ok, i still had a lotta fun tonight. what happens, happens. and i'm a chicken so ya know haha. and also all day i kept saying 'jeff' instead of something/someone else lol like 3 times at the ball game i said jeff instead of something not even related to him haha and then at johns i said jeff instead of bruce willis. i mean who does that, for real. i hope i'm not obsessed or anything. i dunno, he gives me this good feeling inside though so i'm happy right now =) well that's how my night went, how bout yours?

lata =)
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application =) (even tho i'm already accepted lol)

::All About You::

Name- Emily
Nickname- Em, Emy, Em J, Amelia =P
Age- 14
Height- 5’6 =(
Hair Color- Brown with light brown highlights =D
Eye Color- brown with lot of green…hazel? I think so.
Piercings- just my ears =\ I really want my lip pierced tho.
Tattoos- none yet!

::Favorite Stuff::
Stufffed Animal- umm haha probably that huge dog that ethan gave me before I left oglesby! I still have that thing…that or the really cute little white bear that Jorge gave me before I left too.
Game- NBA Ballerz =)
Book- The Pact
Color(s)- red! And silver
Outfit- ummmmm my black shorts with my blue duke shirt and a black bandana
Movie(s)- Soul Survivors, Wrong Turn, Blade I and II, Love Don’t Cost A Thing, Spiderman 2!, Bring It On, a lotta others lol oh and Rose Red!
Food(s)- Chili Cheese Dog! And dippin dots haha I love ‘em!
Comic Book(s)- iiii dunno.
TV Show(s)- anything on mtv mostly, streetball on espn, will and grace lol, last comic standing!, the family guy, futurama, the hughleys and the Steve Harvey show!
Magazine- J-14
Mythological Creature(s)- umm I guess that means creatures that aren’t real? Lol in that case, unicorns and elfs!! (elves? Lol)
Music- rap, rock, r&b, hip hop, some country,
Band(s)- Linkin Park, Trapt, Smile Empty Soul, G-Unit (more of a ‘group’), Nickelback, Staind, and I’m gonna include singers/rappers too so-Nelly, 50 Cent, Petey Pablo, T.I., David Banner, Usher, Ashlee Simpson, there’s a bunch more but I’ll save you the time lol
Song(s)- “Just Let Me Cry”-Ashlee Simpson, mostly anything on Lp’s cds, “Still Frame”-Trapt, mostly all of Smile Empty Soul’s songs too, “Figured You Out”-Nickelback, “Like A Pimp (remix)”- David Banner ft. Twista and Busta.
Website(s)- iconhell.com, livejournal.com,greatestjournal.com…that’s about it haha.

::Ok Heres The Fun Part::
Single or Taken- Single =(
Straight, Bi, or Gay/Lesbian- Straighter than 180 degreeeesss haha no j/k but Straight.
Taller or Shorter and Why- I like my guys to be taller than me, but with my friends-it doesn’t matter.
Older or Younger and Why- how bout same age? Lol maybe give a year or two each way.
Top or Bottom and Why- haha um I’m not to that stage yet but bottom I guess? lol

::Are You (scale 1 to 10)::
I’m just guessing on these I don’t really know so yeah…
Funny- 6?
Lazy- 8 lol
Geeky- like 3
Goth- 0
Emo- 4?
Raver- 0
Bitchy- (just when im mad and when I’m mad that’s about a 10 lol)
Clumsy- 5
Smart- 7.
Pretty- like 4! lol
Friendly- 9
Talented- 7
Strong- 7

::Now Heres the Last Part...If you could Change anything::
In Your Life- I’d go back to where I was still a good weight and not get chubby lol that’s about all I can think of right now but I have a lotta regrets..
In the World- I’d stop the hate towards anyone and the wars.
What would you have told someone- that i loved them so things didn't go to h3ll later on.
Is there something else you'd like to say- nope, but join this community it rocks =)
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application and other stuff

what a girl wants -
♥tell her you think she’s cool. ♥and tell her why you think she’s cool. ♥smell her. ♥talk to her in movie theatres. ♥pick her up and pretend you’re going to throw her in the river, she’ll scream and fight you but secretly she’ll love it. ♥steal bracelets for her or buy them if you have any money. ♥hold her hand and skip. ♥hold her hand and run. ♥just hold her hand. ♥pick her flowers out of other people's gardens and tell her you stole them.
♥spray paint her name with a heart around it on a wall. ♥carve her name into your arm. ♥dye her hair for her. ♥tell her she looks pretty. ♥let her pay for stuff if she wants to. ♥introduce her to your friends as "the coolest girl i know." ♥sit in the park and talk to her. ♥take her to the library and playgrounds and train stations. ♥tell her dirty jokes. ♥tell her stupid jokes. ♥talk about politics. ♥write poems about her and put them in your zine.
♥don't talk about sex too much, when she wants to do it, you’ll know. ♥go get tattoos together. ♥just walk around with her. ♥throw pebbles at her window at night, when she starts swearing at you, tell her you love her. ♥take her to shows of bands she has never heard.
♥hold her hand in the mosh pit.. ♥do her homework for her.
♥let her fall asleep in your arms. ♥call her. ♥call her back if she calls you. ♥sing to her, no matter how bad you are.
♥make out in bathrooms. ♥carve your names into a tree. ♥get her mad, then kiss her. ♥give her piggy-back rides.
♥go see her band play even if they really suck. ♥and tell her that they were great. ♥give her space if she needs it. ♥push her on swings. ♥stay up with her all night when she's sick. ♥offer to cut her hair. ♥pick her up from school.
♥share clothes. ♥make out in photo booths. ♥skip school with her. ♥break into abandoned houses and make out. ♥make up pet names for her, but cool ones not sappy ones. ♥teach her guitar. ♥lend her your cds. ♥lend her your clothes. ♥write on her. ♥have showers with her and wash her hair. ♥take care of her when shes drunk. ♥make her mixtapes. ♥write her letters. ♥if she asks you to go to a show with her, go even if it means a 5 hour train trip. ♥take her to cool shops and let her take you to even cooler ones. ♥listen to all the bands she mentions. ♥don’t tell her that her favorite bands suck. ♥when she’s sad hang out with her or stay on the phone even if she’s not saying anything. ♥buy her ice cream. ♥wear the same nail polish as she does. ♥when you find out that she used to be a teenybopper don’t bag her about it. ♥tell her you think its cool that she doesn’t wash her hair. ♥write songs about her. ♥change your msn name to something about how cool she is. ♥dedicate a page of your site to her and write all about her on it. ♥let her take all the photos of you she wants. ♥get your lip pierced at the same time as her. ♥...and when you fall in love with her, tell her.

application...Collapse )
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whoo =)

I finally figured out how to post! so for anyone that's confused about how to...you go to the 'community info' page...(also known as 'user info' lol) and you click on the blue pencil! =) and for those of you who already knew that, don't laugh at me =( well, i think just about anyone is welcome. we'll be making an application form soon i hope...right Hilary? haha w00t =)

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